10+ Quick Hacks for Packing and Traveling Light

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    Does packing light on your travel trips seem like a horrid herculean challenge? If you are the kind of person who loves to travel as I do, then you must definitely read my post. Always pack light to refrain from paying extra baggage rates at the airport. Thus I always keep on harping about the importance of traveling light.

    Traveling light gives you an opportunity to remain free and flexible in your journey. With lighter luggage, it is more convenient as you can move quickly through the airport terminals and railway stations. With a small rucksack, you can keep your bags close and keep track of your belongings. There are many travel tips to go light on your voyage, and I will show you some 12 quick swaps and adjustments you can make to trim down your luggage. Take only the essential stuff and check out the “if required” kind of articles from your bag. There is always a middle ground on what you must consider while packing your stuff.

    I can go on and on when I share my traveling experience and how beneficial it is to travel with a small suitcase. I am sure after reading my tips you’ll definitely find enough space in your backpack without having to wear the same pair of shoes for the entire trip. Some of these travel hacks may be like a piece of cake for you but, some may just seem impossible to follow. Keep your choices clear and make arrangements according to your needs. Do remember to keep in mind your travel duration while packing your luggage.

    Key Point: Traveling light doesn’t mean I have to go out with a single pair of shoes or dress. Add a few changes to your packing list every time you travel. Over the years you’ll be perfect at the art of traveling light.

    If you’re still not convinced, I have a quick list of –

    • Benefits Of Packing Light
    • Pay no extra luggage fees.
    • No more airport trolley fees or paying the coolie to port your luggage to the wagon.
    • Requires less time packing and unpacking stuff.
    • It reduces the hassle on multi-destination voyages.
    • You can suddenly change your en-route plans if you just have smaller carry-on luggage.
    • You can be conceit and throw your luggage confidently on the weighing scale.
    • Be embarrassment free when you have to leave your extra luggage or accessories behind.
    • It brings the lesser risk of spraining your back with loads of heavy baggage to move around.

    Now let me share some amazing tricks that’ll help you to travel light.

    Travel Hacks For Packing Light

    Start Packing In A Smaller Suitcase

    Start Packing In A Smaller Suitcase Travel Hacks Pack Light

    I always start packing with a smaller carry-on for my trips. This swap will help you in the long run. If I start packing a large bag at first, all I will have is an overflowing suitcase with unnecessary things for my trip. I shop for new luggage keeping in mind the weight of the suitcases. I choose lightweight bags to reduce the weight of luggage before I’ve even packed anything.

    Minimize Toiletries

    Minimize Toiletries Travel Hacks Pack Light

    Most of my trips are free of basic toiletries. I buy them from the destination if they are not available at the hotel I am staying. Most hotels do provide you shampoo and soap, so leave them at home. If you must carry your own stuff, then stack up small sachets and travel-sized products (they take up lesser space). Don’t carry your heavy hair dryers opt for some designer scarves to tie up your extremely curly hair.

    Bring Beauty Items That Work Hard

    Bring Beauty Items That Work Hard Travel Hacks Pack Light

    While I travel around the country, I meet many girls with a separate carry-on just for her make-up and toiletries. Did I get you all by surprise? If you think how can you travel without makeup, then let me remind you there is no need to go off makeup (that’s never possible, isn’t it?). Bring in beauty products that work hard for you. I would pack a day and night moisturizer and toner, lip balm, BB cream, and a makeup pallet.

    Refrain From Packing Shoes For All Occasions

    Refrain From Packing Shoes For All Occasions Travel Hacks Pack Light

    It’s nice to match footwear with all your dresses (but only when you are at home). Shoes can be the bulkiest item in your bag. So, take a minimum or 2 or a maximum of 3 pairs of dual-purpose shoes for your trip. While I travel, I choose lightweight footwear that will go with most of my outfits and will also add a style statement to my look. If you’re going for a formal or a business meeting, do carry a formal pair of shoes or sandals and one casual pair. That’s it.

    Pack Lightweight Clothes

    Pack Lightweight Clothes Travel Hacks Pack Light

    Choose to wear bulky items on the plane. Make sure that your check-in luggage has some technical winter clothes and lightweight dresses. Swap your chunky jumper with layered clothing. I always avoid packing my bulky and largest wearable items; I wear them instead. For example, large boots and heavy cardigan can be worn on the flight (as they are usually cold); this will save up much space in the backpack.

    Pack Dual-Purpose Clothing

    Let your clothes work hard to make you look the best. I suggest taking clothes that have more than one use. Sarongs and scarves can be used as scarves, beachwear, towels, blankets, and even wraps. They are lightweight and will suffice many purposes. You can’t also go wrong with a pair of black leggings; it can be coupled with tees and kurtis both. I carry just a pair of jeans or trousers to reduce the weight of my baggage. Carry some cotton skirts instead.

    Organize Your Luggage Using Packing Cubes

    AmazonBasics Dress Packing Cubes
    Credit: AmazonBasics | Amazon.in

    I am a great fan of packing cubes. These help you make the most of the space available in your suitcase. It will help you stop over-packing. I travel with a set of 4 packing cubes – one for my tops, one for my bottoms, one carries my undergarments, and the last one has all my evening dresses. It compels me to pack light whether I like it or not. It’s a space-saving hack for globetrotters like me.

    Roll Your Clothes For More Room

    Roll Your Clothes For More Room Poll TravelTear
    A Poll conducted on our TravelTear Community.

    This is one of the simplest and effective travel hacks. Roll your clothes instead of folding them before you pack in the suitcase. This will save you a lot of space, and you won’t have to worry about creasing also. Pretty sweet solution!

    Do Your Own Laundry

    Do Your Own Laundry Travel Hacks Pack Light

    I used to hunt for laundry to get my clothes washed in my initials travel days. Believe me; certain hotels cost you a fortune to get your clothes cleaned. If you do want to get your laundry done, find a cheap launderette around your hotel. I suggest washing your clothes while you’re traveling. I usually soak my clothes in the sink with a little detergent and wash them after my shower. Viola! Carrying fewer clothes will help you travel light, be flexible and save physical burden.

    Empty Your Handbag

    Empty Your Handbag Travel Hacks Pack Light

    I never carry a fully loaded purse or handbag when I’m out. Give your shoulders some rest. It’s unlikely that you’ll use your local loyalty cards, gaming cards or too many credit cards while you’re away. It’s best to empty your entire bag and remove stuff that you are never going to use on this trip. I use a small coin purse instead – I can fit money, credit cards, tissues and few chocolates (I just love munching them on my journey) therein. This will also reduce the risk of a purse snatch while I am traveling.

    Go Digital

    Go Digital Travel Hacks Pack Light

    I take full advantage of modern technology and data connection (thanks to the service providers) while traveling. Here is what I do. Being a rapacious reader, I substitute my hardcopy books with a kindle or a reader’s app on my smartphone. I also leave all my maps and guidebooks home. Why? The answer is simple – I use Google maps! These applications give you accurate guidance and up-to-date information of anything you’re looking for.

    Caution: Going digital may be tricky if you’re traveling to a remote location with no internet availability. Some destinations might cost heavy roaming charges. I suggest you do your homework before you set out. In this case, keep all necessary documents, maps and itinerary with you while traveling.

    Buy Necessities On The Way

    Buy Necessities On The Way Travel Hacks Pack Light

    Remember you cannot carry your home on vacation. No matter where you travel, you’ll get something that suits your need. From shampoo to specialist hiking equipment everything will be available at the destination. Just wait until you reach there. When I traveled to Leh-Ladakh, I found shops loaded with hiking essentials – thanks to all those travelers who pick up the necessities along the way. This will reduce much of your baggage weight.

    These are my easy and quick swaps to whittle my travel stash into a compact bag that covers all my needs. Do you have any more tips to share? Do try to follow these tips and mention in comments below your experience of packing light. I’d love to know which of the travel hacks you found useful. If you have your own packing tips, please let me know in the comments below.

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